BBB Consulting

βConsultation (30 minutes) $50

β Consultation (1 Hour) $95

βBusiness Document Preparation including Tax ID# $150 plus State processing fees

β Research Fee starting at $75(depending on the length of research and requirements) This may also include researching for the best loan rates, mortgage provider, bank etc. My goal is to always ensure my customers are in the “Best” Financial situation.

β SBA Business Document processing $180

β Business Lending Review or Processing $100

β Personal Lending Review or Processing $70

β Personal Banker $155 This service will allow you the benefit of my hands-on service with you at the bank as you “Personal Banker”! I will join you on your journey of success. (This fee includes travel within a 25-mile radius)

Financial Success should not be a temporary option; it is a consistent choice to live successfully… “Let your dreams make way to your future.”

Bashawn LaSalle Brooks

Disclosure: BBB Consulting cannot guarantee approvals, acceptance or any outcome of outside services or products.