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Glyn & Carla Brooks

We would like to take this opportunity to say thanks, we appreciate BBB help, wanted to let you know your services were greatly appreciated and that the services you provided to us was done in excellence.
The services, consultation and motivation received helped us to recognize BBB as a force in the earth realm that has been ordained by God to help in EVERY area needed to move towards a successful business.  We say with confidence that through BBB we were aided and equipped with every resource needed to move forward in our new business.
Thanks for giving attention to our specific request of services and your availability to remain readily available to answer all our questions and concerns.  Your help yielded the right resources to meet every need we requested and afforded us the confidence to make informed business decisions.
We recognized wisdom as the key component to BBB effectiveness in providing excellent services.  Your passion to help people become successful in business was demonstrated through your excellence of services provided and you continuous follow up with us as clients.
We appreciate you for being a one stop business, for the wealth of information provided to us and for being a powerful motivator.
God bless you
Glyn&Carla Brooks

Charles LaSalle

BBB Consulting has provided me and our family with banking insight and inside Banking recommendations for over 15 years.  Bashawn Brooks is my Sister and her expertise is untouched and her experience shows through her constructive consultations. Thank you BBB Consulting and Bashawn Brooks! Below is a picture of the home we got approved for thanks to Bashawn.